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Fish Tales. Brought to you by two zany brothers: Ross Fish and John Fish. It’s a gallery displaying some of our latest creative endeavors. It’s artsy. Fun. With twists of wisdoms from our perspectives. And splashes of tasty colors to entice you into our world of imagination and good energy.

Relax and let go. Enjoy yourself with Fish Tales. Enjoy diving into our works. Enjoy being with us here as we follow our own distinctive paths of passion. Laugh and dream with us. Surf’s up…gotta go!

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The Best Medicine of All

By Ross Fish

Cover Art By John Freeman Fish

   Take a leap with my Granny Rose as she turns an ordinary picnic into a mind-blowing adventure.  Step by step through the wild forest, you’ll discover what’s way beyond the usual.  Granny Rose calls it GOODLAND.

   The story that evolves is a tingling mix of goose-bump connecting energies, down-to-earth wisdoms, and loads of bubbling fun.   Talk about personal problems with Mr. Bush.   Be dazzled by a sparkly pink waterfall.   Let go and splash-dance in a pond of laughter.   Communicate with wize, old Mr. Rock.

   Join us as we go into the moment discovering that “everything around us is more than what we see and hear.” 

Come experience GOODLAND.   It’s the best medicine of all.

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Art by John